About Perkins Restaurant & Bakery® Franchise

Our Humble Beginnings

There’s a certain nostalgia that comes with going to a restaurant where you’re immediately made to feel welcome, where everything on the menu tastes exactly the way it should at a price point that won’t break the bank, and where the atmosphere is cozy, warm and timeless. That’s exactly the type of experience that Perkins Restaurant & Bakery® franchise has been providing for over 60+ years. It’s why we’ve been able to cultivate millions of regulars, and it’s why we’re still turning first-timers into regulars to this day. Perkins® is a brand that delivers on what a community ought to be – a place where everyone feels like home. Whether it’s a weekend brunch with waffles and pancakes or it’s a quick lunch in between meetings or a weeknight dinner with the family, Perkins® is the place where everybody can feel comfortable.

In 1957, Perkins® started as a pancake house in Cincinnati, Ohio. While we’ve come a long, long way since then, as we’re one of the most dynamic brunch franchises in the nation, we’ve remained true to what has made us great – our warm hospitality and our incredible food.

We’ve achieved this by making our guests feel welcome, encouraging them to sit for a while and really enjoy their meals, which include all-day breakfast, hearty classics and new, contemporary flavors, and a piece of our famous Perkins® pie made fresh in-house every day.

One of the ways we ensure people enjoy their experience is by having a menu that appeals to all generations, with outstanding lunch and dinner offerings to go along with our brunch franchise fare. We serve soups, salads, burgers, and sandwiches. We also excel at comfort favorites like country-fried steak, grilled salmon, pork chops, or meatloaf. Some of our classics have been on our menu for more than 30 years – as long as many of our customers have been regularly coming to Perkins®!

A Brunch Franchise for any Economy

Part of what makes Perkins® special is that we’ve weathered many economic ups and downs in the 65+ years since opening our doors. During boom times and slow times, war time and peace time, economic bubbles and recessions, and even a pandemic, we’ve kept serving comfort foods and baked goods that keep our guests loyal and happy.

We’ve been able to do this by running an agile brunch franchise model that keeps up with today’s demands, both in terms of technology and modern customer ordering patterns. We have multiple revenue streams (Restaurant, Bakery and Virtual Brands) and multiple ways for guests to easily access us through dine-in, carry-out, online ordering and delivery.

Iconic Brunch Franchise Focuses on Fresh Food and Flavor

Customers today are more conscious than ever of where their food comes from.
Perkins® is committed to using only the freshest ingredients possible, and by making every meal in-house and fresh to order, Perkins® is a difference that our customers can taste.

Our commitment to flavor is also evident in our menu. Yes, we preserve the classic recipes people crave because certain foods never go out of style, but we also innovate. There are items on our menus that get seasonal updating, and our research and development team is always looking for ways to satisfy our guests with contemporary twists on classic menu items to go alongside those iconic favorites.

Add to this our legendary Perkins® pies, made fresh and in-house daily, and there’s plenty of evidence that Perkins® has what it takes to be one of the greatest brunch franchises in the nation.

For guests, it’s a homestyle feel to the restaurant and multiple ordering conveniences. For franchise owners, it’s an iconic legacy brand with an undeniable product, great market presence, and multiple revenue streams to weather any economy.

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