Restaurant & Bakery Franchise Support

One of the biggest benefits in investing in a brand that’s been around for over 65+ years is the fact that we know how to help entrepreneurs thrive as Perkins® franchise restaurant owners.

We know what it takes to become a top-performer and we’ve built one of the most comprehensive support platforms in the entire franchise industry to ensure that our franchisees have the ability to grow their businesses, scale up to multi-unit ownership and own businesses that stand the test of time.

Here is what our training platform looks like.

Training Our New Franchise Restaurant Owners and Key Personnel

Let’s start by talking about training because when the staff and management of a Perkins® franchise restaurant are well-trained, they’re confident in running a restaurant that follows the Perkins® philosophy of serving wholesome food with a smile.

Our training program gives franchise owners, their general managers, and other key personnel up to 10 weeks of extensive training. This training includes detailed operations for day-to-day business, menu execution including purchasing and supplier relations, inventory sourcing, and producing our delicious recipes up to the Perkins® franchise standard. We promise our guests fresh pies, baked in-house every day, and we have to live up to that promise in each and every location.

This training also provides our franchise owners with a confidential operations manual filled with detailed policies and procedures to fill in any gaps in the training. Alongside this manual and training, our franchise development staff are also available to our franchise owners to answer any questions that come up during the course of operating their Perkins® franchise bakery.

Support for Perkins® Franchise Restaurant Owners

While training is critical to the operation of a Perkins Restaurant & Bakery® franchise, the site selection and build-out process is one of the most crucial decisions a new franchise owner can make.

Our real estate development team is available with demographics data and expert guidance to help franchise owners make the best possible decision on where to locate their Perkins® franchise restaurants.

Once site selection and build-out begin, we turn our attention to the technological tools that will make operating the Perkins Restaurant & Bakery® franchise seamless. These will include the POS system, security, and software that handles accounting functions, payroll, scheduling, inventory management, data reporting, and more.

Professionally designed marketing collateral and templates are made available to franchise owners so they can join the cohesive marketing message of a nationwide brand while still focusing on operating their Perkins Restaurant & Bakery®. Much of this includes social media posting and promotional initiatives that have been developed in our corporate-owned locations.

Supporting Perkins® Franchise Restaurant Owners Before, During, and After Grand Opening

Our New Store Opening team, which is made up of as many as 14 corporate trainers, will be made available to franchisees for an accumulated 30 days before, during, and after the new Perkins® location’s grand opening.

This ensures each new Perkins® has the best possible start and that new franchise restaurant owners have everything they need to feel great about their grand opening. It’s also something to be proud of, and we’re thrilled to celebrate grand openings with our newest franchise owners!

However, we don’t leave after the opening of a new Perkins® location and stop the support. Franchisees also continue strengthening their relationship with our development team through ongoing field visits designed to further their professional development. Many of our franchise owners have been with Perkins® for decades, and continue to take advantage of the strong bonds developed through these visits.

Each Perkins Restaurant & Bakery® franchise location and each franchise owner becomes an important part of our franchise brand, a member of our family and not just another cog in a wheel. We want to give our franchisees, new and existing alike, every advantage to see their franchise restaurants blossom into places where their customers love to become regulars. We do that by offering as much support as we can and building strong relationships throughout the opening process, then continuing those bonds through the years.

We’d love to bring you into our Perkins® family of franchise restaurants. Contact us today for more information!

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