Frequently Asked Questions

Investing in a franchise is a big decision. Here are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about owning Perkins Restaurant & Bakery® franchise restaurant.
Am I qualified to own a Perkins Restaurant & Bakery franchise restaurant?

If you’re passionate about the Perkins® brand and meet the financial qualifications for ownership, reach out to us to start a conversation about our restaurant franchise opportunity. While many of our top-performing franchise owners are experienced restaurant owners and operators, we have comprehensive support to help our franchise owners thrive and flourish, no matter their experience level. We’re actively seeking multi-unit investors, and entrepreneurs who want to bring our brand into new markets.

How much would a Perkins franchise restaurant investment cost me?

The total investment estimate to open a Perkins® restaurant & bakery franchise ranges between $1,183,715 – $3,290,465. The total investment includes the $40,000 franchise fee. For a more detailed listing of expenses to be expected, please refer to Item 7 in our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) for more information.

What experience do I need to own a Perkins franchise restaurant?
Whether you’re a highly-motivated first-time franchisee or an experienced multi-unit operator with several franchise restaurants in your investment portfolio, you could be a great fit to become a Perkins Restaurant & Bakery® franchise owner! Good leaders and business people all start somewhere, and we are excited to speak with people who have the right drive and perspective necessary to successfully operate a Perkins® franchise.
Is there a royalty fee paid to Perkins Restaurant & Bakery?

The royalty fee is 4% of weekly net sales.

What about advertising fees?

All owners contribute an advertising fee of 3% of weekly net sales.In addition, all franchise owners will spend 1% of net sales on local advertising and marketing.

What is the term of the Perkins franchising agreement?
The standard term for the Perkins Restaurant & Bakery® franchise is 20 years.
Is financing available?

While we don’t offer direct access to financing, we do have relationships with third-party lenders who can help you secure the funds you need to open your new businesses.

What support does the Perkins Restaurant & Bakery franchise model provide franchisees?

Once a franchise restaurant is awarded, you become part of the Perkins® family, and we begin the process. You’ll receive comprehensive support in all aspects of the business model, including:

  • Site selection and build-out
  • Grand opening support
  • Marketing support
  • Technology support
  • Menu innovation
  • Regular field visits
  • Professional development
  • And more!
Can I suggest a location for a Perkins franchise restaurant?
Yes! Part of what has made Perkins Restaurant & Bakery® franchises a success is opening in non-traditional locations. We are also interested in hearing where there may be demand for the Perkins® brand of wholesome food and customer service but we haven’t quite gotten there yet.

So if you believe a location near you would make an ideal Perkins® franchise location, we’d love to know!