Brunch Franchises Aren’t Just for Sundays Anymore

Best brunch franchises

Brunch is more than fluffy waffles and mimosas: it’s about sharing our connection with loved ones while sharing fabulous food in a cozy atmosphere. Why limit that to Sundays? Entrepreneurs interested in opening a brunch franchise should make the rules!

Here are three reasons we believe the best brunch franchises defy the norms and consider atypical brunching any day of the week.

Reason 1: Breakfast All Day is Here to Stay

Everyone loves a good breakfast, and we learned to love it even more in recent years. While society is returning to normal after the pandemic lockdowns, our eating behaviors changed quite a bit while we hunkered down.

Nearly a quarter of Americans report eating more breakfast foods during the lockdowns than in previous years.

When considering how many have started eating breakfast foods outside of the morning hours, that number skyrockets. 79% of Americans have eaten breakfast items outside of traditional breakfast hours in the years since the COVID-19 lockdowns. 

In addition, people are embracing brunch like never before. Where restaurant spending used to peak on Fridays at lunch, new data by Square shows Saturdays between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. is the prime time for indulging in brunch. In 2023, spending is up to 10.06% compared to 8.54% in 2019. 

Serving brunch one day a week limits it to people of certain lifestyles, those who work  9-5 jobs with weekends free. Having a brunch available, in all its decadent glory, at a wide range of hours opens brunch up to those who work third shifts, evening shifts, or overnights.

Brunch marries the best parts of the menu. With a brunch franchise offering breakfast items outside typical breakfast hours, an entire customer segment will be satisfied to find exactly what they’re craving any day of the week and twice on Saturday (or Sunday, if they’re a traditionalist).

Reason 2: Brunch Franchises Facilitate Togetherness

One of the best reasons people spend time eating out is to connect with friends and family. Of course, having delicious food is part of it, but enjoying each other’s company is a pivotal part of the experience.

A brunch franchise giving its customers the venue and time to enjoy the experience, alongside the beautiful food, is just as important as the restaurant that creates a trendy atmosphere. 

Creating that space is like permitting customers to carve time to connect with their friends and family. The brunch franchise that convinces people to stop, breathe, and genuinely relax and release outside concerns for the duration of a meal will become a beloved spot their customers feel loyalty to for years to come.

Reason 3: Brunch Franchises Give Permission to Indulge

Not that people need anyone’s permission to order what they like, but having brunch is the perfect opportunity to splash out. People love the excuse to order decadent foods they wouldn’t dare at any other time.

A smart brunch franchise offers a range of rich, indulgent foods, like Belgian waffles, Eggs Benedict, buttery, flaky pastries, quiches, and versatile breads and meats. Brunch restaurants are judgment-free zones for people to get cozy with loved ones and order comfort foods without guilt. 

A classic, family-oriented restaurant will not only serve their customers in such a manner during one meal a week. A true brunch franchise will make delicious, flavorful food to be savored at every meal. 

Bonus Reason: Brunch Franchises Are Great Investments

With the right brand, a brunch franchise can be a wise investment. A quality restaurant brand, like Perkins® Restaurant & Bakery, our 65+ years in the restaurant industry—with a well-established reputation in both the $285 billion breakfast market and the $17.1 billion bakery market—understands how to put on a fabulous brunch.

With menu innovation, cutting-edge marketing support, top-notch franchise support, and a brunch franchise low start-up cost that is affordable, it’s no wonder we have franchise locations throughout the U.S. 

Our restaurant and bakery franchises have never been more affordable than they are today with our end-cap business model. Real estate is changing in the restaurant industry, and customer patterns have evolved. We’ve been able to evolve with them as new locations require smaller footprints without losing the stellar service that’s become the Perkins hallmark.

Alongside this flexible and dynamic franchise model, franchise investors receive the following benefits through our onboarding and support efforts:

  • Site selection guidance.
  • Comprehensive training and prep for the grand opening.
  • Technology and software training and support.
  • Vendor and supplier relations support.
  • Unparalleled marketing support.
  • Innovative menu.
  • Confidential operations manual for seamless daily operations.
  • Access to our franchise development team.
  • Continued on-site field visits to facilitate our relationship and strengthen the franchise location.

Our goal is for every Perkins location to flourish. With the demand for brunch space rising, including the desire for a place to sit down and enjoy delicious food with excellent company and remarkable customer service, our brand is positioned to fulfill those demands without making changes to our model. We do those things anyway.

What’s better, we have decades of fulfilling those desires for our customers, and Perkins is already known as a classic, wholesome family restaurant with quality service and a menu of delectable foods.

Ready to invest in a brunch franchise? Contact us today to become the newest Perkins® Restaurant & Bakery franchise owner!