Our Recipe for Franchisee Success

Perkins Restaurant and Bakery is a staple American restaurant franchise, helping hundreds of entrepreneurs reach their goals with a concept that stands the test of time. Here’s how we achieved such a feat, and why we continue to be one of the best breakfast, brunch, and bakery franchise opportunities in 2023. 

Perkins’ Time-Tested Legacy

Since our inception in 1958, Perkins has evolved into one of the nation’s most beloved family restaurant franchises, all while staying true to our roots—warm hospitality and incredible food. Franchise owners benefit from Perkins’ ability to resonate with today’s diverse consumer base, and they have the numbers to prove it: In 2022, our top-performing franchise owners had an average AUV of $3,165,479. 

Multiple Dayparts Cater to Every Craving

With all-day breakfast, hearty classics, innovative seasonal dishes, and late-night options, Perkins is the choice destination from sunrise to well past sunset. This versatility enables franchise owners to maximize their revenue potential by catering to a wider audience and remaining open during multiple meal times, driving customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Innovative Sales Channels

Perkins franchisees tap into the $285 billion breakfast market and the  $17.1 billion bakery café segment. Our mobile-only concept, Bakery by Perkins® allows owners to capitalize on third-party delivery, online ordering, catering and more. This innovative approach shines a spotlight on Perkins Bakery delivery platforms, making it easy for customers to explore and order our bakery products, and boosting sales for franchise owners.

Requiring no extra labor costs, staff hiring, or inventory expansion, Bakery by Perkins opens up an entirely new revenue stream for franchise owners and introduces a new customer base to our iconic brand. 

Tailoring Success to Your Market

At Perkins, we recognize that markets can vary, and adaptability is key. This is why we offer a flexible prototype that can be tailored to meet the unique demands of each market. Whether it’s a traditional free-standing location, a more compact end-cap model, or a restaurant conversion, our franchise partners have the freedom to choose the option that best suits their market dynamics and customer preferences. 

Investing in Perkins isn’t just about serving delicious food— it’s about building your own legacy, satisfying customers, and savoring the sweet taste of success. So, why wait? The recipe for franchise success is here, and it starts with Perkins. Get in touch to get started!