The Growth in Breakfast as Centerplate Demand

You know the phrase, “Breakfast for dinner.” Well, Perkins has breakfast available for dinner or any time of day that you crave. Breakfast is a hot segment and continues to grow in popularity. According to a Consumerist report, a National Restaurant Association survey found that 70% of Americans want restaurants to serve breakfast throughout the day and that younger adults love eating breakfast for dinner more than any other age group.

Perkins is actually one of the most famous names in all-day breakfast restaurant franchises, thanks in part to our long history. We started as a single pancake house more than 60 years ago. There were a dozen different pancake and waffle options on the menu, and we’ve since grown to offer an assortment of other classic American breakfast favorites. These selections bring guests back time and time again. Throughout the year, we also introduce special menu items and limited-time offerings to keep our guests interested. One thing is for sure, breakfast has been on the rise and keeps on growing!

We continue to meet the consumer demand and maintain the lead for being the place that people turn to for a homestyle breakfast made with quality ingredients and generous portions. Plus, our prices are friendly on your wallet. 

We’ve made it even more convenient to enjoy breakfast whenever you want, as we now offer pickup, curbside and delivery. We’re happy to have you dine in with us and our teams are ready to welcome you with a warm smile, but if you need your breakfast to go, then we have you covered. With just a few clicks through our website or our mobile app, you can order whatever your heart desires for breakfast, or any meal.

For our franchise partners, they’ve been winning with breakfast as a centerplate. In addition to it being the most popular meal of the day, the costs to produce breakfast is low, so the profit margins are high. These can be sweet words to any franchisee.

We’ve built our brand around breakfast and the many tasty ways to enjoy it. Guests may choose from our classics or have the flexibility to Build-A-Breakfast. They can take their favorites and create a meal that suits their tastes and cravings, every time.

We love breakfast and so do our fans, as well as many other Americans. This makes us a great franchise option for those who are looking to own their own business with a winning brand.

To learn more about opening a franchise restaurant with Perkins, contact us today!