Our Perkins Culture

Many people speak of culture in the workplace these days, especially after the global pandemic. A large number of people used the time to reflect on their lives, work, and where they held their priorities. The Great Resignation that unfolded in 2021 was driven mostly by Millennials and Generation Z, who were more likely unsatisfied with their work, but what pushes them away from a job and draws them to new opportunities?

In a recent survey by Glassdoor, a leading job search site, they found that 65% of American Millennials are more likely to care about work culture over salary, and 77% of respondents from the same survey said they would consider a company’s culture before applying.

Why does culture matter?

According to Forbes, Millennials are driving the workplace changes. These young adults are looking for companies that offer a culture that speaks to them. They want to be with companies that align with their values.

A strong company culture can attract new and better talent, but it can also help with retention, which is critical for growth. Employees generally want to feel like they belong, especially in a workplace. This sense of belonging boosts morale and generally makes employees want to stay and perform well.

Perkins Restaurant & Bakery has a number of managers, associates, corporate leaders, and franchise partners who have been with the organization for years, some even decades. Their longevity with the brand speaks to the strong culture that is centered on “Good People Doing Good Work.”

What roles do the company mission and values play?

The same Glassdoor survey found that 89% of respondents said it’s important for employers to have a clear mission and purpose.

At Perkins, we have been committed to our mission of “Serving Kindness Daily” throughout our long history and are proud of the culture that we have built and hold steadfast to maintain for the good of our team members and our guests.

We stand by our Core Values:

  • We are Committed.
  • We are Helpful.
  • We are Responsible.
  • We are Positive.
  • We are a Team.
  • We win Together.

As a company, we have a Shared Vision:

A dynasty of industry leading sales growth supported by a fiercely loyal Guest base driven by Team Members with an expectation of winning and with continuous food innovations as a hallmark.

We have developed a “Perkins Culture Card” that captures our Common Mission, Shared Vision, and our Core Values that serves as a reminder to all our team members of why we’re here. Our teams strive to uphold our culture, as we engage with each other, our guests, and the communities that we serve. Through our culture, we are able to build an amazing workplace and help grow and develop our people. This is our focus and how we can collectively share in successes, as we take our legacy brand and turn it into a legendary one.

To learn how you can be part of the Perkins Culture as a franchise partner, contact us today!