How Franchising Helps You Build a Family Legacy

When we start a family, we often think of the future and how we can create something that will last through the next couple of generations and beyond. How can we provide our family financial stability, while also building a legacy? Business ownership through a franchise can provide the solution. Perkins Restaurant and Bakery offers a great choice among franchise options with their iconic brand, multiple revenue streams, and comprehensive support and training for partners.

The beauty of investing in a franchise is that you walk into an already established system. You’re not building from the ground up like you would with a start-up. Joining a legacy brand like Perkins offers years of experience and processes that have been tried and refined to help ensure success. You’ll also find other franchise partners like you, who are also looking for a way to provide their families with a solid future and create their own legacies.

Financial reward can play a huge factor in deciding which franchise brand to choose. Which one offers the higher profit margins and sustainability? When you look at Perkins, our breakfast items carry a high profit margin, plus our restaurants offer breakfast all day. As a growing segment, breakfast has gained incredible popularity and continues to rise.

In addition to our breakfast offerings, Perkins has another not-so-secret weapon that contributes to our success and financial gains, the in-house bakery that is featured in each of our locations. The Perkins Bakery has been ranked in the Top 10 Bakery and Café/Deli Franchises by Our signature bakery serves up a wide selection of baked treats- pies, cookies, brownies, cinnamon buns, and our popular Mammoth Muffins. According to, Bakery Cafes in the U.S. are a $11.9 billion market segment. We’ve been taking our slice of that market share for years.

Recently, we launched “Bakery By Perkins,” an online delivery-only service for our bakery items. We partnered with leading third-party delivery services to bring our popular treats right to your door or wherever you are. The addition of this e-commerce has allowed us to expand our revenue streams, making us even more attractive to potential franchise partners.

Franchisees are drawn to the numbers, but many are also drawn to companies that align with their own values. Does the brand share your core values, and will you feel good about establishing a long-term relationship with them?

At Perkins, our mission since the beginning has been to provide our guests with friendly service and classic comfort dishes at a great price. Our teams have upheld this mission for more than 60 years. It’s the cornerstone of our company, and the thing that keeps us going after all these years.

We welcome you to join our family and create a legacy for you and your loved ones that can bring you success and pride.

Contact us today to learn how you can build your own family legacy with a Perkins franchise.