Why Perkins is a Top Breakfast and Bakery Franchise Opportunity in 2024?

Best breakfast brunch bakery franchise opportunities in 2024 US

What sets Perkins apart from every other breakfast and brunch franchise?

We do far more than just breakfast! Our expansive menu empowers franchise owners to drive sales all day long, ensuring our customers can savor the meal they’re craving, no matter the time of day.

The brand’s enticing blend of all-day breakfast, hearty classics, and innovative seasonal dishes remains a dynamic force propelling franchisees toward achieving an outstanding $3.16M Average Unit Volume (AUV).

Just when you think it couldn’t get any sweeter, Bakery by Perkins revolutionizes the traditional dine-in experience even further. This innovative mobile-only concept, available on third-party delivery platforms, online ordering, and catering, allows franchisees to tap into the $285 billion breakfast and bakery market. The result? Increased sales and an elevated average check from customers who can now enjoy our signature treats anywhere, anytime.

Perkins has a solid foundation of loyal customers who cherish the brand for its warmth, top-notch customer service, and incredible food. The multi-daypart approach multiplies the occasions for these customers to visit, translating into higher sales, increased customer satisfaction, and ultimately, a thriving and balanced business for our franchise partners.

Best breakfast brunch bakery franchise opportunities in 2024 US

Our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction extends beyond the dining room, providing franchisees with a comprehensive strategy to maximize their revenue potential. Our unique approach positions us as a leader in the breakfast and brunch franchise industry, and we continue to redefine the dining experience one delicious daypart at a time.

To learn more about breakfast, brunch, and bakery franchise opportunities with Perkins, contact us today!