How to Own a Perkins Franchise

Steps to Ownership A Full-Service Restaurant and Bakery with Perkins

Wondering how to own a franchise restaurant? The process is similar among all franchise brands, but the difference is in the details. Perkins has worked for more than 60 years to streamline our process and set our franchisees up for success. Below, you’ll find key information on some of the most important steps in the process.

Perkins Restaurant & Bakery


We are here to answer any of your question in your franchise journey.  Ask our franchise support team about our flexible franchise models.


We are a great fit for locations that stay busy late night such as hotels, downtown areas and near travel centers that offer the additional revenue opportunities.

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Key Steps in the Process of Opening a Restaurant Business with Perkins

Step 1
Step 1:

Contact Us

We’ll give you detailed information about what it takes to open a restaurant business and will determine if it seems like we’d be a good fit for your area.

Step 2
Step 2:

Review the Details

You’ll have a chance to review our franchise disclosure document (FDD) to get all of the fine print on the investment. We’ll learn more about your area to assess its potential as the site of a new Perkins restaurant. We’ll also take a look at your finances and background to ensure you’re well-prepared to own a restaurant franchise.

Step 3
Step 3:

Sign the Franchise Agreement

At this point, you’ll have a clear idea of the road ahead and how to own a bakery business/restaurant franchise with Perkins. Signing the franchise agreement indicates that you agree with all of our terms, including those laid out in the FDD. You’ll pay your initial franchise fee at this time, and then – congratulations! It’s time to really get to work on opening your restaurant business.

Perkins Restaurant & Bakery
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Step 4
Step 4:

Find and Prepare Your Location

We’ll give you guidelines on how to select the perfect location in your area. During this stage, you’ll be getting your location ready for business (e.g. construction and initial marketing) while also mastering our business model through the Perkins initial training program.

Step 5
Step 5:

Grand Opening and Finding Your Customers

Our team will help you prepare a targeted marketing campaign to spread the word about your new business. We’ll work closely with you throughout your grand opening to ensure that all goes well. Once your doors have opened and your business is running smoothly, we’ll continue to work with you to set goals for growth and support you in your operations.

Perkins Incentives to Reward Franchisees

When you open a restaurant business with Perkins, you can look forward to incentives that make our brand stand out. These incentives greatly reduce the stress of opening one or more Perkins franchises. A few of these incentives include:

Many areas have great potential to be home to multiple Perkins franchises. We encourage franchisees to make the most of these opportunities and, therefore, we offer discounts when you open multiple units. You could save up to $20K when you open three or more locations!

Are you a veteran? Running a Perkins franchise will allow you to utilize many of the skills you mastered in the military while providing you with more flexibility than many civilian careers. We’re proud to offer qualified veterans a 25% discount on our initial franchise fee.

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