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If you’re interested in starting a restaurant business of your own, partnering with Perkins is a great opportunity. We’ve been in business for decades and have established a strong business model and reputation that helps our franchisees start their business on the right track. In this blog, you will learn more about what it takes to invest in one of our restaurant and bakery franchises.



Desire to Strengthen Community
Perkins restaurants have been favorite gathering places for family and friends for generations. Sunday breakfast is a popular tradition in all of our restaurants across the U.S and Canada. We love that the Perkins brand is synonymous with great food and warm friendships!
One of the reasons for our strong popularity is our four day-part menu, which allows guests to order any meal at any time of day. Whether they want a burger for breakfast or French toast for dinner, they can order it at Perkins! This makes our restaurants especially popular with picky eaters, diners who work swing shifts at odd hours, and many others.
Perkins brings people together with delicious food and friendly service. Our franchise is a wonderful business opportunity for anyone who’s looking to strengthen their community.
Start a Restaurant Business Using Our Proven System
We’re looking for franchisees who are excited to open their own restaurants with Perkins. While some of our franchisees are seasoned investors who are currently vested in numerous restaurants, others have no experience in the restaurant industry or owning their own business.
No matter which category you fall into, there’s room for you at Perkins! We’re looking for franchisees who are excited to open one of our bakery and restaurant franchises, and with training, will master our systems and ensure they’re followed in their restaurant.
Our franchise investment comes with a time-tested business model that’s simple for franchisees to learn. You can choose to implement it yourself by managing your own restaurant or trusting your staff to run things for you, so you can continue to manage your other investments.
Readiness to Make the Investment
Starting any new restaurant requires a significant initial investment, and Perkins is no exception. The total initial investment in one of our restaurants starts at around $1.7 million, and includes just about everything it takes to get one of our restaurants up and running. A few key items the investment covers include:
  • The one-time initial franchise fee
  • Training fee
  • Location improvements/buildout
  • Equipment & seating
  • Signs & décor
One of the best parts of starting a restaurant business with Perkins is that we’ve opened hundreds of franchises, so we’ve gotten the process down to a science. With our operational support, you’ll have guidance throughout the entire development process to help make sure you won’t encounter unexpected costs along the way.
We’re looking for franchisees who are financially prepared to make the investment, but we welcome them to seek out financing to help cover some of the costs if necessary.
Ready to learn more about what it takes to become a Perkins franchisee? Contact us today!

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