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How much does it cost to start a restaurant? That can be tricky to answer for independent restaurant owners. There are so many variables that go into starting a new restaurant: location costs, furnishings, buildout, inventory, marketing, and much more. If you’re going it alone, it can be difficult to avoid the unexpected costs that will incur when planning for everything you project you’ll need.


May 24, 2022



There are certainly variables to keep in mind when you start a restaurant business with Perkins as well. However, we’ve opened hundreds of locations since 1958, so we’ve developed a comprehensive breakdown of everything a franchisee needs to get started. This assessment significantly reduces the likelihood of running into unexpected expenses along the way. Here you’ll learn what it costs to open a Perkins franchise and what to expect for your investment.
The Estimated Initial Investment
We estimate that it will cost between $1.6-$2.5 million to open a new Perkins franchise. The amount you’ll ultimately spend will depend on factors like where your restaurant will be located, whether you opt to lease or purchase the building, how much construction is necessary, and so forth. When you contact us, we’ll learn more about your area so we’re better equipped to give you a personalized estimate.
What’s Included in the Costs to Start a Restaurant Business?
The Perkins investment includes just about everything you’ll need to start a new restaurant – check out the breakdown on our website! A few of the necessary expenses are listed below:
One-Time Initial Franchise Fee: $40K. Your initial franchise fee is one of the most fundamental parts of the investment. It helps offset some of the costs associated with your onboarding and enables you to use our time-tested operational systems and brand name.
Training Fee & Expenses: $82K+. All Perkins franchisees receive comprehensive franchise training to help them master our business model. Your training will give you many of the tools you’ll need to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.
Equipment & Seating: $490K+. Perkins restaurants are famous for their size. We attract large crowds, especially during weekend brunch hours, and we work with franchisees to establish seating areas to host them all. You can count on our guidance and support with your restaurant setup, ensuring an optimal layout.
These are just a few of the expenses that are included in the estimated initial investment. Perhaps one of the best reasons to choose Perkins is that, on top of all of these assets, your investment grants you access to our experienced team of restaurant experts who are ready to assist you throughout the process of opening – and beyond.
If you’ve been wondering about starting a restaurant business of your own, contact Perkins today to learn more about our franchise costs.

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