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If you’re researching restaurant franchise opportunities, one of the most important things to keep in mind is the support you should expect to receive. Every franchisor promises to provide ample amounts of resources to their franchisees, but what that support looks like can vary immensely from brand to brand. We’re proud to have a number of valuable support systems built into our restaurant franchise opportunity. Learn about a few of them below.


May 24, 2022



#1. Time-Tested Operational Systems
Time is money in the restaurant business. Restaurant owners need to ensure every process is streamlined and running efficiently, so guests have a great experience and at affordable prices. Perkins has been in business for decades, and you can count on us to show you the best ways to manage everything from food prep to clearing tables to managing your books.
#2. Vendor & Supply Chain Support
Finding the most suitable vendors is another significant consideration. If you’re wondering about how to own a restaurant business, you’ve likely considered the fundamental question: Where will I source my food inventory from? You’ll need to find suppliers that offer unmatched quality and competitive prices. The Perkins system has already built up these relationships for you!
#3. Initial and Ongoing Training
We’ve designed our Franchise Orientation Program to help new franchisees learn the basics of what goes into running a Perkins restaurant. If you’ve never operated a restaurant before, this program can help get you up to speed so you can open your doors with confidence.
Of course, we don’t stop teaching you new things once your restaurant is up and running. You can count on us to provide you with professional development and periodic refreshers; so you stay up-to-date on the latest best practices.
#4. Marketing Assistance
You’ll want to spread the word about your new restaurant throughout your community, and Perkins knows just how to accomplish that. Not only do we provide our franchisees with ready-made marketing materials that can be customized for their location(s), but we also help them identify the best channels for their area (e.g., radio, digital, television). You can count on us to provide you with marketing support throughout the life of your business.
#5. A Team of Experts Ready to Help
Independent business owners have no one to turn to when they have questions or run into obstacles. Perkins franchisees never need to worry about figuring problems out on their own! Our team of restaurant and business experts is here to provide them with guidance at every stage. You can also count on us to keep an eye on your performance and provide strategies to help you reach your growth goals.
Perkins stands out among restaurant franchise opportunities because of the strong support we provide at every stage. Contact us today to learn more about what you should expect!

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